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Model Years:

Cardinal - 1977
Police spec - 1975

1977 Triumph Cardinal
1977 Triumph Cardinal


Cardinal - about 130
Police spec - about 450

Special Equipment

Front Fork Gaiters
They do save the fork stanchions from flying stones and rust. They were, of course, already ripped when I took delivery of my brand new bike.

Tri-Point Screen
Works well, requires solid-mounted handlebars.

Spot Lights
Halfords best? 

Crash Bars
Heavy. You know how those police motorcycle riders are always falling off . . . 

Low CR Pistons
A measely 8.25 : 1 instead of the normal 9 : 1. Robbed the bike of power but allowed it to run on almost any grade of petrol you could find.

Soft Single Seat
Better than the plank of wood found on a normal T160. 

Looked good but didn't hold much after the air horn compressor was mounted inside one of them. 

Air Horns (Twin)
Fiamm and loud!

Substantial Carrier for Luggage / Top Box
The circular cutouts make a whistle while you ride, only amusing for the first mile or so.

Super White Finish
White Petrol tank, oil tank, oil tank clip and LHS cover. Chrome mudguards, black frame. Nice looking bike.

Rubber Mounted Footrests
Add about 10 ozs over the stock setup which doesn't feed back that much vibration in the first place. Note the plain footrest rubbers (no Triumph logo).