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1973 Triumph Hurricane X75 : Yokes - Yikes! Yokes!

There is a 'small' problem with some yokes. Cracks!

This is a pretty serious matter and if, for any reason, you suspect you have cracked fork yokes you (or your bike) should seek professional advice for a remedy immediately.

We are not sure if the problem occurs due to an incorrect fork assembly procedure - the factory never provided a procedure with details and torque settings specific to the Hurricane. It may also be due to poor quality castings and the alloy used. Either way some bikes do develop cracks in the yokes where it is clamped around the steering stem:

'large' crack in bottom yoke

hairline crack in top yoke

Another location that cracks have been known to develop is around the top of the fork tubes - here on the upper fork yoke casting around the left hand fork tube:

hairline cracks in top yoke at fork tube