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Welcome to eBikePC - the interactive Partsbook for Triples Online!

What is eBikePC?
eBikePC allows Triples Online members to view an interactive version of the factory partsbooks for the Triples featured on this site.

How do I use it?
Simply click one of the partsbooks listed below, then use your mouse to navigate through the index for that partsbook. When viewing a particular page you can click on the highlighted reference numbers to see more details for that part. You can click and drag with the mouse to move the page to see other areas. Explore...

Currently availability for Triples partsbooks is as follows:

NOTE: You will need cookies and pop-ups enabled for the "TriplesOnline.com" domain for eBikePC to function correctly.
~ ~ ~ BSA ~ ~ ~
1969 BSA Rocket3 A75R
1970 BSA Rocket3 A75R
1971 BSA Rocket3 A75R/A75RV
1972 BSA Rocket3 A75R/A75RV
~ ~ ~ Triumph ~ ~ ~
1969 Triumph Trident T150
1973 Triumph Trident T150V
1973 Triumph Hurricane X75
1974 Triumph Trident T150V (also for 1975 T150V models)
1975 Triumph Trident T160 (also for the T160 Cardinal)
~ ~ ~ Ducati (not really a Triple!) ~ ~ ~
1975 Ducati 860 GT

eBikePC is an online version of BikePC. BikePC was a Windows stand-alone application that provided simple but powerful navigation of motorcycle partsbooks. It used a standardised database format for all motorcycle makes and models but was specifically developed for Classic (pre-1982) British bikes.

As you become familiar with eBikePC please ask questions or report feedback of your experience via the the Triples Forum or send us a message .

- this application requires the Flash plugin for your browser. If you don't currently have the plug-in it will be downloaded 'automagically' when you first open a partsbook.... or check here.
- you will be asked to sign in when you open a partsbook. You can register for a free membership account on Triples Online at any time.

Thank You!

For more background, here is a Product History and Version List.