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What is a Registry?
There are a number of reasons for this Triples registry. First off, it will enable you to get in touch with other Triple Owners in your area should you need help with perhaps a restoration question or a recommendation for a local parts supplier. It is also an efficient way to provide you and other Triple owners with summary information about the number of bikes still in existence. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it allows owners and prospective buyers to share information when a bike is stolen. Owners are notified when the bike is located. Prospective owners can also check here to make sure the bike is not already reported as stolen.
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How it works...
Please feel free to register as many Triples as you like, so long as you own them! All information is held in strictest confidence. Information is not sold, given, lent, or rented out to anyone who has not subscribed to the registry - and only the information you allow is released to other owners trying to contact you. When you want to contact others in the registry your request is sent to those you have indicated (as opposed to their information being given to you) and it is up to them to reply to your request.
You can have your information deleted upon request: simply provide the same information you registered initially and check the 'delete this existing information' checkbox. Please notify us if your information changes, such as if you ever sell your bike.

If your bike is stolen contact us immediately.
We will flag it in the database and notify you as soon as anyone else checks on a prospective purchase or tries to register the same machine.

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If you experience problems with the registration process please Contact Us

How to register

1. Simply fill out the registration form. You will need to be signed in as a member to submit information to the Registry. You can sign up here.

2.  The details will be added to the registry. You will then be able to view the collective statistics regarding other entries in the registry.

If you have any questions regarding the Triples Registry please Contact Us

Thank you!